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Michal Kulič
Registered Valuer & Independent Car Insurance Adjuster.
Put my experience to work for you!!!


Services to clients

My standard services include the following valuations of:
  • PKW (private cars)
  • 4WD vehicles
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Motorbikes
  • Buses
  • Tractors
  • Other specialized and racing vehicles

The purposes for which I prepare my expert opinion reports, valuations and appraisals include:

  • Tax purposes
  • Buying or selling
  • court and arbitration purposes
  • management or  investment decision-making
  • bankruptcy or liquidation purposes
  • mergers, acquisitions, divisions and other transformations of companies

I also offer a service as an independent car insurance adjuster.

Is your time too valuable to spend with claims in insurance companies? Or do you know all you can get out of your car insurance policy? - I’ll take time to read through insurance claims, assess the vehicle damage, or liaise between the assessor, you as a client and the insurer to ensure you maximize your insurance claim within the rules of the policy. I assure that you will save your time, and get paid what you’re entitled to. I can assess the damaged vehicle in your preferred garage; rent a car for you while yours is being fixed; check your bills to ensure you are paying for what has really been done and much more.

In other areas of business I am able to offer you valuations by cooperative registered valuer experts.

Quality of services

Successful market activities require the most professional approach and ongoing development of professional and technical prerequisites of each entity. I therefore specialize solely on services relating to motor vehicle valuations and my priority is to achieve and maintain top quality. I have an extensive experience in valuations, which is reflected in the quality of my outputs. I guarantee a professional approach and complete satisfaction of your needs.

Services for insurance companies

I am a registered independent car adjuster and in addition to expert opinion reports, valuations and appraisals as a registered valuer expert, I can offer a full claim settlement service including looking over the vehicles, assessing damages, liaising between insurance company, client and a garage. For claim assessing I use Audatex system which provides customers around the globe with the most comprehensive, integrated claims solutions available today.

Michal Kulič,  K Dobročovicům 29, Květnice, 250 84 p. Sibřina
Cell.: +420 608 722 209,
Phone: +420 272 047 381, E-mail: info@znaleckyposudek.eu

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